The Focus Group (often referred to as Focus Group Consultants or TFG) innovates and executes enduring, practical solutions to complex Defense, Intel and Non-Profit acquisition enterprise challenges.  Partnering with clients across the acquisition life-cycle, The Focus Group combines deep knowledge and broad expertise in delivering the following cross-functional capabilities.

Organization:  The Focus Group is a small business comprised of large consulting firm alums who were retired senior military officers, Civil Servants and Commercial Executives prior to their consulting careers.  The Focus Group places mission over ambition and plans to remain a small business that puts clients first.  We do not have divided allegiance to investors; our clients and their mission are our top priorities.

Advisory Board:  We leverage reach back to a group of gray beards who provide guidance on strategy and operations.  One vacancy remains, contact us if interested.

Team:  We are a HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM comprised of eclectic professionals with a passion for and commitment to our client’s mission.

Approach:  The Focus Group works with clients to innovate simple solutions to their toughest problems.  Every day, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations rely on The Focus Group’s expertise and objectivity, and on the combined capabilities and dedication of our eclectic team to innovate and execute solutions.  We combine our consultant’s deep knowledge and broad expertise to deliver results that ensure desired outcomes.

Expertise:  The Focus Group brings deep expertise and broad experience in cross-functional capabilities: Logistics Management,  Acquisition Organization | Workforce,  Processes | Planning | Performance,  Program & Portfolio Management, and  Transformation | Strategic Communication.  The Focus Group consultants are 30 – 40 years deep in each of these capability areas.

Values:  The Focus Group consultants are continually recognized for their work ethic, quality service, and outcome driven deliverables.   We celebrate the success of our clients who have on multiple national awards (e.g., Baldrige, etc.).  Our clients, employees, and communities recognize us as a high performance team with:

  • A long and successful history serving clients with more than 100 years of collective experience
  • A corporate culture centered on the core values of excellence, ethics, client service, and teamwork
  • A commitment to supporting diversity in our workforce
  • A legacy of corporate social responsibility that gives back to the communities in which we work

Clients:  Focus Group consultants have served Defense Acquisition organizations including . . . .

–  Acquisition Life-cycle Commands Research, Development, Engineering Centers (RDECs)

–  Program Executives Offices (PEOs)

–  Product Management/Project Management Offices (PMs/PMOs)

–  Logistics Integration Centers

–  Distribution Management Commands

–  Industrial Base