Program & Portfolio Management

Program Management

Extend your bench strength with Focus Group Consultants’ support. We offer certified Project Management Professionals who apply disciplined processes, common and in-house tools, and a governance environment to advise, augment, or execute the program management functions responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling resources to complete program objectives on time and within budget. We will develop and execute a stakeholder management plan to manage the relationships of those having a significant impact on the program’s outcome.

Acquisition Lifecycle Services

Focus on your core mission and let Focus Group Consultants help define, generate, integrate, and execute the programmatic and technical plans, analyses, reports, and baseline documentation needed to accelerate progress through acquisition life-cycle phases. We will help develop and execute the overall acquisition strategy through concept development, requirements definition and analysis, technology readiness assessment, contracting, systems engineering, test evaluation, and sustainment activities in accordance with milestone information requirements, decision authority criteria, and contracting options and procedures.

Program Integration

Take advantage of Focus Group Consultants’ long track record of expertly integrating the multitude of functional disciplines to ensure successful program execution. We deliver senior insight and best practices to develop strategies, allocate resources, identify dependencies and hand-offs, synchronize all program interfaces, reconcile trade-space boundaries, adjudicate competing agendas, and ensure policy and statutory compliance to optimize systems development and operational activities.

Portfolio Management and Decision Analytics

Clients realize true strategic value from Focus Group Consultants’ empirical analysis, models, simulations, and our suite of decision support tools, all of which help inform and optimize the trade-off decisions program leaders must make to preserve an integrated program baseline that meets performance, cost, and schedule objectives and constraints.